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Beth Mantis is an LMT;

Beth is an intuitive vibrational bodywork therapist, trained in kinesiology, gait analysis, energetic osteopathy and Scenar therapy helping people rehabilitate from injury or illness by relieving pain then restoring mobility and function through neuro-muscular re-education.


Vibrational bodywork therapist: Beth uses her skills in Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy is a powerful modality that can help in your healing and in releasing patterns and with homework help bad habits from returning.

Kinesiology : Ever the learner Beth is continually renewing her mind in the scientific study of body movement.

Gait analysis: Beth approach is to study a bodys’ own biomechanical puzzle. Then uncover what is holding the holistic, whole body, integrated movement pattern back from proper function.

Energetic osteopathy: Using unique energy Beth recognizes imbalances in a body which will therefore have far reaching effects on other areas of the body. The body can cope with this adaptation without symptoms for awhile, beyond which the stressed tissues/areas become overloaded for compensating making function break down becoming dysfunction. This is why someone may feel bad after a first visit; the body had unlocked another area needing healing or release.

Scenar: With these combined skills and her on going study Beth applies this advanced pain relief breakthrough product which accelerates the body’s natural self healing abilities.


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