“What CAN’T Scenar therapy treat?”

Beth is a trained practitioner in techniques which aid the body in stimulating deep seated healing. ScenarPT techniques work with the your natural internal healing. Its focused energy to areas of scaring or pain which restore your body to normal, pain free function.

Scenar has been a tremendous benefit to patients with chronic sinusitis, sinus headaches, and migraines/headaches in general. Scenar works particularly well on is Sinus Headaches (and Headaches/Migraines in general). By treating the Trigeminal Nerve projections located at the frown lines around the mouth and chin, the sides of the nose and above the eyes. Also, treating above the eyes on the forehead areas is also effective at reducing/treating frontal headaches, as is work over the base of the skull/suboccpitial muscles. Nerve damage from diabetes which affects sensation in the feet and hands have been effectively treated with Scenar. Relieve pins and needles associated with this condition as well as the pain. Both temporary and longer lasting results with regular Scenar treatments have been achieved. These are just a few of the many problems Scenar techniques restore.


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