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~ Mantis best friend ~

Our dog is 14 years of age this year. We used to call him “pup” since he was so active! Well we saw a steady decline in health over the last year. We were sure he was in his final days when a friend recommended bodywork and we decided to have Beth Mantis take a look. During the appointment she asked all sorts of questions ranging from water intake to what he normally eats from regular exercise to bowel movements. Beth worked for as long as it took to help him allowing him to walk and explore yet he kept coming back to her as she moved his ligaments and muscle back to where they should be. She was immediately able to correct the angle of his back legs, relieve the pressure on his neck and head allowing him to move! Then she discovered the rib! She also uncovered an abscess in his leg which with her help worked its way to his paw and exited within a week. His appetite has slowly come BACK! Today, it has been a month since she worked on him.  He plays like he hasn’t played in years!!! He zoomed around the yard at hyper-sonic speed and even played Fetch and Monkey in the Middle(the ball being the monkey) We have recently seen a joy-filled youth in him that had been absent for a long time! Just watching behavior and his eyes brighten lets us know he will live longer and healthier and that gives me such pleasure! Thanks Beth for assisting our “old man” in the journey back to being the “pup” 

~ Husbands head adjusted ~

I am  a true skeptic of all that body work stuff and energy pulses but for over 20-years of marriage without fail my husband has cracked his neck every morning. Plus his hands would fall asleep regularly. So I booked an appointment for him with Beth Mantis at Sunnyside Colaborative Care. Beth found a group of issues with my honey mainly in the neck and head… here I could make many jokes but I won’t. Beth gave him homework and I was surprised that he did it! Well Beth, you worked a miracle in him! He has not cracked his neck and his hands have not fallen asleep.

~ Sad Saddle ~

We have a new horse in the field. She is a great athlete but about 3 weeks into LSD hill training walked away lame. I called Beth before I got to the car to book an appointment.  During the appointment, we talked about everything that we saw in this horse.  Beth found some major issues holding her body back from working right; mainly where her old saddle poked. Beth gave me homework so I’m looking forward to see what happens next.

~ Keep up the miraculous work ~

If you know a body in pain then you have found the right person to fix it. Beth is close to a miracle worker (and a nice person as well). We found an 18-year old Mustang for my daughter, nicknamed Super Pony for her ability to jump over anything. Super Pony had some dancing issues when bathing, saddling, and standing at the trailer. I began having doubts that this was the right horse after a couple of months because of continued trouble controlling Super Ponys’ nervous side-skipping and inability to stand still and behave, in spite of excellent training.  Under saddle all these vices nearly disappeared, so we persevered. She jumps over 3’ and does anything my 11-year old wants from water jump to hand gallop to quick stops. Last spring, 2012, Super Pony began hobby-horse-hopping over just trot poles. After the event, I went to check on Super Pony. Super Pony was doing a fast jig. As I slid my hand down her back, acute pain was clear by her immediate recoil from my gentle touch. I called Beth straightaway. She had a cancellation  and was able to arrange an appointment the next day. Beth started by watching and touching, checking to see if Super Pony was out of adjustment, every place she checked was out. She started at her head adjusting Super Pony’s face and even inside the upper mandible. From the neck, then to shoulders all the way through the body to the tail and gently adjusted, not by popping back into place but by somehow gently helping the horse to adjust herself with specialized kinetic stretching actions and walking. After a couple of these movements, I would walk Super Pony in a circle and Beth would watch closely. We did this for about an hour and by the end of an hour I had a different horse. Licking her lips Super Pony went walking back to where Beth stood and would position her body in a way which expressed ‘could ya may be fix this too?’ Super Pony calmed down, was very manageable and pleasant to be with. I was amazed at how quickly Super Pony responded. We have a happier, more supple horse who doesn’t have soreness after competition. I’m not going to pretend to understand all that Beth does even though she explains every step, it’s just amazing.



Beth and Tundra chart

Beth Mantis performing bodywork on a dog.